About Us

About Us

O-well Corporation

“We try to enrich people’s lives through design and function.”

Since our foundation in 1943, we have been supplying mainly coatings and other related products as well as services for the needs of customers’ production. Allow me, at this time, to express my sincere gratitude for continued business and support to all of the customers and suppliers to O-Well. From now we are aiming to step forward together with customers and suppliers in new market fields not only with coatings but other new materials, development, and offer of construction methods, fabrication, and sales of electric/electronic components. We, O-Well are pleased to be at your service, facing your issue, and resolve the issue by supplying appropriate products and services. For the future, we are heading in the direction with the motto of “We try to enrich people’s lives through design and function.”

How to become an O-Well (Thailand) ?

Our branch in Thailand had established in 2014 to support our Japanese customers in Thailand. The main product is Paint and Coating and Electronic part for the Automotive industry. In 2020, we had expanded our business into IoT business with knowledge support from O-Well Korea. with O-well’s passion, we are looking to serve the best product and service to Thailand customers and searching for a potential business partner who had the same spirit as O-well to expand and find opportunities together.