Paint & Coating Technology

Paint & Coating Technology

“ we’re major of the paintwork around the world. ”

Paint & Coating Technology
we can provide any kind of paint you need for any industry by all of our product below

Paint Equipment & Tools

We can support Paint equipment such as Spray Gun, Pump, Regulator, Sand paper, Air Nozzle, Rubber Mat., Antistatic Tools & etc


Paint Booth, Bake oven,
Spray Booth & etc.

We can handover and turnkey to build up booth as your requirement.


Chemical for Paint

We have a chemical to support Paint booth line. (Paint Killer, Chemical Waste water treatment & etc.)


Water Transfer Decals

Decalcomania makes it possible to place decorations on materials and curved surfaces that prohibit direct printing, and has recently garnered attention as an alternative to coating. Noritake’s decalcomania can be applied to a wide range of materials including ceramic, enamel, glass, resin and metal.